Basic Leaky Gut Challenge

This will solve leaky gut problems in 90% of people.

If you have not experienced dramatic improvement within 30 days, consider adding the Advanced Leaky Gut Challenge.

Each of the steps below is important, so try to do as many steps as you are able to do.

You should notice dramatic improvement in 15-30 days, particularly if you are able to follow all steps.

Steps for Basic Leaky Gut Challenge

Aloe vera: take four capsules of a high quality aloe vera supplement daily.

Apples: eat two stewed apples daily.

Diet: stop all gluten, diary, eggs, yeast and sugar.

Gut Recovery: take one capsule of a high quality gut recovery supplement daily.

Iodine: take up to 50 mg of a high quality iodine supplement daily.

Probiotics: take one capsule of a high quality probiotic supplement daily.