Advanced Leaky Gut Challenge

The Basic Leaky Gut Challenge will solve leaky gut problems in 90% of people.

Adding this additional Advanced Leaky Gut Challenge should solve the leaky gut problems in the other 10%.

Each of the steps below is important, so try to do as many steps as you are able to do, in addition to the Basic Leaky Gut Challenge.

You should notice dramatic improvement in 15-30 days, particularly if you are able to follow all steps.

Steps for Advanced Leaky Gut Challenge

Alpha Lipoic Acid: take a high quality Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement daily. Always take a B-Complex vitamin supplement when taking Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Glutathione: take a high quality glutathione supplement daily.

Magnesium: take a high quality magnesium supplement daily.

Vitamin D3: take a high quality vitamin D3 supplement daily.